Monday, April 18, 2011

Interesting Facts about Hideto Takarai "Hyde"

- Hyde has his belly button pierced!

- He got his angel wings tattoo probably around 97/98.

- Before he was in L'Arc~en~Ciel he was the guitarist for the band Kiddies Bomb (which changed it's name to Jeruselem's Rod shortly before he left it)

- Supposedly, his mother would make him wear a red backpack to school when he was a child. (Red backpacks are/were typical for girls.)

- Hyde has several copies of his (custom made) pentacle ring in different colours and has been known to lose one a few times. Apparantly, the original ring design is a copy of one of Marilyn Manson's rings.

- He has a huge appetite and eats a lot, which is insane considering how thin he is

- On the most common picture of his wing tattoo (The one that has the Japanese written on it) the words were written by the tattoo artist and they say:

Hyde tattooed a pair of wings on his back,
even though Hyde said 'I prefer the devil.'
Still, he chose the angel in the end.
After many observations,
I realized that angel's wings are really more suitable for Hyde.
During the photo shoot, as I saw the wings,
on Hyde's pale, never-been-tanned skin,
I felt a fleeting yet imprinted feeling of satisfaction;
From now on, using that pair of wings,
Hyde can fly freely.

- One time, while on set for Moon Child, Hyde was waiting for Gackt to finish his filming for the day and started riding around on his motorbike, making a lot of noise and showing off to try and get Gackt's attention, but Gackt never looked at him!

- Hyde loves to draw but, because he is colour blind, he mostly sketches in black and white.

- Hyde designs some of his own clothing (shirts and such) as well as some of the Hydeist goods you can buy on his site.

- Tetsu has nick-named him Doi Hachiro, which I've roughly translated to mean 'top degree of trouble' (someone correct me if I'm wrong here? My Japanese isn't the best) as he is often very mischievious. I've also heard it said that the Doiha part of it is because it's Haido backwards (when written using katakana) ドイハ = ハイド (ha/i/do = do/i/ha ) So I believe that Tetsu calls him that to tease him for both those reasons.

- He's a big fan of Harry Potter.

- Another Moon Child story: one time, Hyde was napping in his chair on set and when he woke up, Gackt was very very close to his face and said something about wanting to kiss him.

- Gackt has admitted to being in love with Hyde. Whether as a friend or more, we'll probably never know.

- Apparantly, Hyde was in the audience at one of Gackt's performances in 2004 (I think it was the one on his birthday?) and blew Gackt a kiss.

- In the early days of L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hyde would often ask Tetsu to give him hickey marks on his neck before they went on stage. (Not quite sure what the point of that was, probably just to tease the fans, but Tetsu talked about it in a... magazine interview)

- Hyde appears to have some sort of obsession with flicking his tongue. In my opinion, part of it is to try and hide the fact that his bottom teeth are kind of crooked, as well as just him flirting with his fans.

- His album Roentgen was recorded in England and there was believe he had the help of an English orchestra

- He also recorded two versions of Roentgen; the Japanese version that features a mix of English and Japanese lyrics as well as an overseas version done comepletely in English, which has now been re-released in Japan with an additional 3 tracks (which are just the c/ws for the Roentgen singles)

- Hyde hates hot and sticky weather. However, he doesn't seem to be overly fond of cold weather, either.


  1. Oh! Hyde would hate it here then... I live in a tropical, hot-as-hell island... And so many interesting facts about Hyde!

  2. Love his hair dark and shattered out at the ends the style in his replay video it's the best I've ever seen him look hair do I meant ;)

  3. he is hot XD i just found out about him whyyyyT^T I'm 14 btwXD